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You must be having knowledge of who an editor is, for whom the title assumes meaning. But, for those who are finding it difficult to extract any meaning from the title, here it is. The word “editor” most obviously comes from the word “edit” which simply means omission. How often do you disclose every bit of an incident or any happening to your friend or to anybody for that matter? Well, it is not necessary unless you are willing to do so at your confidence. But, whatever you say, whether edited or added with some spice, should be relevant to your topic of interaction. Thus, very clearly, an editor’s work lies in making an article relevant by either omission or addition. And, this work can never be possible without a good proof reader. Thus, he becomes the best friend of an editor, not perhaps from the literal point of view, but surely from the metaphorical viewpoint. proofreading tool Online proofreading forms an essential part of the procedure of publishing an article. It is akin to ironing your clothes before going to a party. But, nonetheless it forms the crux of publication before the article is finally published. Wikipedia will give you a good definition of what a proof reading is concerned about. It mainly involves the correction of grammatical errors, spelling errors and other factual flaws. However, proof reading should not be confused with copy editing. Online proofreading has come to vogue along with the flooding in of computers enabled with internet connection. There are certain tools which could help one proof read. proofreading tool They have the ability to proof read the concerned text and correct over 150 different types of errors. Writing for a website may seem very interesting, but without online proofreading the website may observe a sharp diminish in the quality of the articles. proofreading tool


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